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Faculty Gary R. Ten Eyck, PhD, MS

Gary R. Ten Eyck, PhD, MS

I joined NYU Long Island School of Medicine in May 2019 as the director of pharmacology and physiology sciences and as an associate professor in the Department of Foundations of Medicine.

My interest in academia originated from a passion for biology, particularly evolutionary biology, animal behavior, and neuroscience. This work culminated in an amalgam of biomedical and evolutionary scholarship both at the level of basic science research and educational instruction. Through these experiences, I have garnered extensive expertise in medical, pharmacy, and dental health educational and research programs.

My teaching experience is both comprehensive and voluminous and has included numerous appointments to course director positions. Major areas of concentration include pharmacology, pathophysiology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, and environmental toxicology. My educational scholarship interests include active learning strategies, curriculum analysis, and the history of academia.

Biological research in my laboratory throughout the years has focused on two primary areas: how the brain neurochemically and adaptatively transitions from one behavioral extreme to the next (e.g., aggression to parental care) and the effects of environmental toxins on embryonic development. This research has included multiple years of fieldwork conducted on the Islands of Puerto Rico and Hawaii, several neotropical regions in central America, and more than 20 other U.S. states.

My research has garnered several international and national collaborations as well as multiple-year service on National Science Foundation grant panels. Researchers from my laboratory have published more than 45 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts, made more than 60 scientific presentations, chaired several doctoral and master graduate students, and mentored more than 50 students in the laboratory.

In addition to my background in research and teaching, I have extensive leadership experience. In the past, I have chaired the Department of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences at Touro University College of Pharmacy, served as the director of the biomedical sciences graduate program at Western Michigan University School of Medicine, and held numerous appointments as chair or co-chair on many university, national, and international committees.

Education and Training

  • National Science Foundation Fellowship, University of Michigan, Neurobiology, 1997
  • PhD, University of South Dakota, Biological Sciences (Neuroscience), 1997
  • MS and BS, Central Michigan University, Biology, 1989





Academic Office

NYU Long Island School of Medicine
Department of Foundations of Medicine, Basic Science Division
222 Station Plaza North, Suite 505-114
Mineola, NY 11501