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Financial Aid for MD Students

We award Full-Tuition Scholarships to all students to increase the affordability of their medical education

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine is proud to award Full-Tuition Scholarships for our three-year accelerated MD program to all matriculated students who maintain satisfactory academic progress  and professionalism standards, regardless of merit or financial need. The remaining total cost of a NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine education after these Full-Tuition Scholarships is less than $87,000. Additional need-based Debt-Free Scholarships are available to qualified students who have demonstrated financial need to help pay for these remaining costs of attendance above tuition include housing, food, books, and other miscellaneous expenses. Many of our students qualify for these need-based Debt-Free Scholarships which reduce the total cost of their medical degree even further.

We believe our three-year accelerated medical education program together with awarding a Full-Tuition Scholarship to all matriculants – regardless or need or merit— affords NYUGLISOM students the freedom to pursue career paths anchored in primary care; attend medical school without incurring significant educational debt; and ultimately enter the physician workforce and start earning a residency salary one year earlier than graduates of a traditional four-year medical education program.

U.S. citizens, permanent residents, students in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and international students are eligible to receive our Full-Tuition Scholarship so long as they have successfully obtained an undergraduate bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the United States or Canada by the time of matriculation. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

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NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine's Office of Financial Aid is overseen by Robin Camhi Baum, MS, associate dean; Alecia Young, assistant director; and Elizabeth Vasile, MPH, program manager. For questions about our financial aid program or to schedule a counseling session, please contact us at

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