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Biostatistics Core

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine’s Biostatistics Core provides expertise in all aspects of statistics and data science, including study design and implementation, data management and visualization, data coordinating center activities for multicenter clinical trials, and observational studies.

Our core consists of faculty and staff whose research interests include statistical methodology for big data analytics, electronic health record, recurrent event analyses, measurement error correction, statistical genetics, integrative genomics, causal inference, distributed analysis methods, clinical trial and study design, and the application of these methods in biomedical medical research.

Request a Biostatistics Consultation

To request a biostatistics consultation with us, you must complete and submit the request form. Please provide all relevant materials with your request, including the protocol, draft study design, and manuscripts.

An initial consultation appointment with the primary investigator will be scheduled shortly after we receive your proposal to assess the needs of the project and agree on a timeline for completion. Presence of the principal investigator, mentor, or advisor is required for proposals submitted by medical students, residents, or fellows.

The agreed-upon timeline may change due to unanticipated data issues or additional complexities. The investigative team will be informed of any changes in the agreed-upon timeline.

Biostatistics Consultation Policies

All consultation requests must be made with enough time before submission deadlines to ensure sufficient support and increase the likelihood of securing funding for your study. The biostatistician should be listed on the study protocol to facilitate the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process (Kerberos ID and password required).


We require that you submit your consultation request at least four weeks before any grant submission deadline. Depending on the required level of collaboration, the biostatistician should be listed as co-principal investigator or co-investigator, as appropriate. Biostatistical effort should be budgeted in the proposal to support the analytical work.

Abstracts, Manuscripts, and Posters

Requests for statistical support must be submitted at least two weeks before the deadline for abstracts and at least four weeks for manuscripts requiring analysis, interpretation of results, and drafting of sections. As part of the request, the principal investigator and biostatistician discuss and determine whether the biostatistician will be included as a co-author on a study. If the biostatistician was a collaborator in a project—for example, they were involved in the planning and study design or performed substantive analyses and interpretation of data, or both—co-authorship should be considered.

Biostatistics Lectures and Workshops

We offer lectures and workshops throughout the year encompassing a wide range of topics as requested by different departments. If your department is interested in incorporating these lectures for residency or fellowship programs, please contact us. Log in to access our past lectures (Kerberos ID and password required):

  • Diagnostic Testing, Survival Analysis, and More
  • Analyzing Binary or Categorical Data
  • How to Properly Summarize and Present Data
  • Linking Risk Factors with Outcomes
  • Methods for Analyzing Continuous Data
  • Overview of Research Study Design
  • Research Process and Statistical Evaluation of Medical Literature

Contact Us

The Biostatistics Core is part of the Division of Health Services Research, which is led by Jasmin Divers, PhD. Core members include Shahidul Islam, DrPH, MPH, core director; Meredith Akerman, MS; and Chinyere Okpara, MS.

If you have questions about our services or policies, please contact Dr. Islam at 516-663-4517 or