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Life at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine Professional Fulfillment & Wellbeing

Professional Fulfillment & Wellbeing

Through the framework of the Committee for Professional Health and Wellbeing, NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine strives to continuously uphold tenets of physical, emotional, and psychological health. We believe that when we are well, our patients and medical community will benefit.

The committee’s purpose is to provide a structured forum focused on promoting the health (physical, emotional, and psychological) and wellbeing of our medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, faculty members, and administrative leadership. The committee is co-chaired by Patricia Rekawek, MD, and Diana C. Savitzky, MD, and overseen by the Executive Committee for Professional Health and Wellbeing under the leadership Gladys M. Ayala, MD, dean of NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine.

We focus on the following initiatives to promote professional fulfillment and wellbeing:

  • fostering a culture of wellbeing at our institution
  • giving a voice to medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty members as they navigate their own journey of wellbeing
  • promoting programs and resources that are available and encourage optimal trainee and faculty fulfillment and health, including access to the House Staff Wellness Committee, psychologists who are available for confidential consultation and treatment, and Corporate Counseling Associates counselors
  • expanding our mentoring, peer support, and faculty development programs to re-engage faculty and build resilience and career satisfaction
  • collaborating with the undergraduate and graduate medical education teams and our clinical practice groups to support faculty wellbeing while fostering a positive clinical learning environment
  • establishing a structured continuing medical education curriculum addressing burnout and recognizing symptoms in group members and appropriate escalation of care
  • paying close attention to faculty wellbeing and the specific needs of underrepresented faculty groups in leadership meetings

Wellbeing Grand Rounds and CME Lecture Series

Our biannual Wellbeing Grand Rounds provide consistent educational content surrounding important topics such as work life integration, resiliency, and mindfulness. Continuing medical education (CME) credits are offered through NYU Langone Health to allow focus on wellness while also fulfilling regulatory requirements like gaining CME credit for the time devoted to a wellness lecture.