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We educate and train exceptional physician leaders in patient care and health care delivery.

Anchored in the principles of primary care and health systems science, our three-year accelerated undergraduate medical education program seeks to educate and train future general practitioners in primary care fields and improve health outcomes, advance health equity and reduce health disparities among the patients and diverse communities we serve.

To streamline our medical students’ entry into primary care, we pair acceptance to NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine with the offer of a directed-pathway to selected primary care residency programs at NYU Langone Hospital-Long Island – providing our graduates a continuum of primary care education and training that extends from medical school to residency all under the top-ranked NYU Langone Health banner.

In addition, our highly regarded graduate medical education programs offer exemplary residency training in these primary care disciplines as well as more than 20 additional medical disciplines, with a focus on the development of best-in-class clinical and teaching skills, one-on-one faculty mentoring and opportunities to conduct impactful research.

To support our medical school graduates pursuit of primary care fields unencumbered by significant education debt, all students are awarded transformative three-year Full-Tuition Scholarships regardless of need or merit and additional need-based Debt-Free Scholarships to those students who financially qualify, to help pay for costs of attendance above tuition.

Throughout our educational program we also integrate basic, translational, and clinical research with population health and health systems science in an active-learning educational environment steeped in scholarship, collaboration and collegiality that is inclusive and respectful. Further, we prioritize our learners’ professional success and personal well-being with structured academic coaching, career advising, faculty mentorship and wellness initiatives throughout their medical school and graduate training.

MD Admissions

We take a holistic approach to our admissions process and welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Three-Year MD Curriculum

We train future primary care physicians and leaders in health systems science.

Graduate Medical Education

Our graduate medical education programs offer intensive training in more than 20 specialties and subspecialties.

About Us

We aim to foster future physician leaders and a diverse workforce in primary care and health systems science.

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Explore our vibrant community.