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Sponsored Programs Administration

The Sponsored Programs Administration at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine is an extension of NYU Grossman School of Medicine’s Sponsored Programs Administration. We support and enhance the research programs at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine by facilitating the development, submission, negotiation, and finalizing of grant applications and research contracts. Working closely with our investigators and NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island physicians, we ensure compliance with the policies and procedures of external institutions, sponsors, and government agencies.

Faculty, staff, and investigators with a Kerberos ID and password can access our online community. There, you can find funding resources, download submission forms, and submit a grant proposal using Research Navigator.

Our services include the following:

  • editorial support
  • budget development
  • administrative review of grant applications
  • coordination of grant preparation and submission
  • institutional approvals
  • clinical trial agreement negotiations
  • assistance with Research Navigator

Institutional Information for Grants and Contract Proposals

Use the following when filling out grant and contract proposals.

Institutional Information

  • legal applicant: NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine
  • type of organization: private, nonprofit, educational institution

Facilities and Administrative Cost Rate Agreement

  • date of agreement: January 10, 2020
  • cognizant federal agency: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • base for facilities and administrative costs: modified total direct costs (MTDC)

Federally Negotiated Rates

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine uses facilities and administrative cost rates negotiated by the U.S. government.

Research project facilities and administrative cost rate, on-site 54 percent January 1, 2020 Until amended
Off-site project facilities and administrative cost rate (research and non-research) 17 percent January 1, 2020 Until amended

The fringe benefit rate is 35.9 percent.

Identification Numbers

For all awards, including those originating from the U.S. federal government, a state and city government, foundation, or industry, use the tax ID number/entity ID number 13-5562308.

Other identifying numbers include the following:

  • Internal Revenue Code: 501(c)(3)
  • D-U-N-S®: 11-739-3226
  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code: 8J2P4
  • Congressional District: NY-004
  • State Assembly District: 19
  • State Senate District: 7
  • New York State vendor ID number: 1000054839

Assurance Numbers

For research with human subjects, use Federalwide Assurance (FWA) number 00000726.

For research using animal subjects, use the Animal Welfare Assurance number D16-00274.

Contact Us

If you have questions about funding opportunities or the grant submission process, please call our office at 516-663-4931, email lisom.grants.office@nyulangone.org, or contact a member of our management team.

Alexander Schoen

Beth McManus
Senior Grants Specialist