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Pathology Residency Pathology Resident Resources & Services

Pathology Resident Resources & Services

The Pathology Residency at NYU Long Island School of Medicine offers resources and services that complement our comprehensive clinical training and didactic education and research training. Pathologists’ assistants, faculty mentors, opportunities for subspecialty rotations, a wellness program, a board preparation program, and funds for books and travel all enhance the training experience.

Pathologists’ Assistants

Our residents spend their grossing time on inspecting, describing, measuring, and sectioning varied, complex, and select educational specimens. We have a team of pathologists’ assistants who are available to support residents and cover routine specimens. NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island currently employs seven full-time pathologists’ assistants, one per diem pathologists’ assistant, and a biopsy technician. Our pathologists’ assistants are fully trained in all surgical pathology subspecialties and cover the service six days a week.

Mentorship for Residents

Each resident gets to choose a faculty member for a year-long mentorship. PGY-1 residents take the first six months to become acquainted with our faculty before selecting a mentor. Mentors help new trainees adjust to residency, provide career advice, and help with research endeavors. As interests evolve, residents are free to choose new mentors. Residents meet with their mentor periodically but are required to meet at least twice a year before a semiannual meeting with the program director in July and January.

Resident Wellness

We offer an annual wellness day and wellness events that focus on enriching educational topics that go beyond the lab, to provide residents with information on financial wellbeing, healthy living, and mental health.

Board Preparation Resources for Residents

Learning resources to help residents prepare for board certification are available through our department as well as through the NYU Health Sciences Library. All residents have access to ExpertPath through our institutional subscription and are given an individual subscription to PATHPrimer for board review questions. Our department also offers the Osler Course for board preparation. We have established a board review committee that prepares a review schedule with reading material and weekly unknown slides and board-style questions for PGY-3 and PGY-4 residents. Resident-led board review question and answer sessions occur weekly.

Book and Travel Funds for Residents

Residents receive a $600 book fund per academic year, which can be used to purchase textbooks, online courses, and more. Residents are also allocated $1,500 per academic year for registration and travel to national conferences if they are the primary author on an abstract accepted for presentation.