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MD Degree

Our innovative 3-year MD degree program offering a directed pathway to residency in primary care disciplines, and much more are what set us apart.

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine provides a transformative medical education program committed to primary care that includes a three-year accelerated curriculum, the offer of a directed pathway to residency in primary care disciplines upon admission, full-tuition scholarships for all students regardless of need or merit plus need-based debt-free scholarships to cover costs above tuition for students who financially qualify, and unparalleled student advising, coaching and mentoring within an exceptional culture of collaboration, collegiality and belonging.

VIDEO: Dr. Gladys M. Ayala, dean of NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, and faculty and students discuss the school’s primary care mission and what makes our three-year MD degree and directed-pathway to residency program exceptional.

MD Admissions

We take a holistic approach to our admissions process and welcome candidates with diverse backgrounds.

MD Curriculum

Our three-year medical school curriculum emphasizes primary care education.

Student Resources

Find information about housing, healthcare, and school policies.

Research Day

We celebrate scholarly advancements and achievements in research.


We provide our students with academic guidance and career development.

Financial Aid

We help medical students find the resources they need to help cover costs associated with attending medical school.

For Faculty

Access resources to develop a rewarding and enriching career in academic medicine.