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Faculty Faculty Appointments & Promotions

Faculty Appointments & Promotions

At NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine there are several academic tracks for appointments and promotions that are based on specific criteria.

Scholar, Educator, or Curator Track Criteria

Criteria for the scholar, educator, or curator tracks include a sustained record of achievement that reflects a pattern of growth leading to or demonstrating excellence in teaching, scholarship, professional service, and reputation.

A sustained record is demonstrated by achievements in multiple years since the last promotion. A pattern of growth is demonstrated by these achievements showing an increasing degree of responsibility, reputation, quantity, or quality over the years since the last promotion. Excellence is demonstrated by these achievements being of high quality or having a high impact on the profession or institution.

Clinical or Research Track Criteria

Clinical or research track criteria include a consistent record of clinical excellence such as contributions to teaching, service, or academic activities.

Appointment or promotion to an associate requires meeting two of the criteria below, one of which must be clinical care. Appointment or promotion to professor must meet at least three of these criteria, one of which must be clinical care.

  • clinical care: significant contributions to clinical service
  • education: noteworthy contributions to medical, graduate, postgraduate, or faculty education
  • service: fulfillment of service responsibilities at the school, hospital, or health system
  • scholarship: participation in academic activities

Faculty Promotion Guides and Documents

We encourage you to review our many appointments and promotions guides and documents. These documents include descriptions of track requirements and templates of application materials for candidates. Our guides and documents are designed to help faculty navigate the process of moving forward in their academic career. Please view our Candidate Promotion Guide for more information or contact the Office of Faculty at nyulisom.facultyrecords@nyulangone.org to request copies of our guides.