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Resources for Current MD Students Clubs & Activities for MD Students

Clubs & Activities for MD Students

Students at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine organize and maintain a number of clubs and activities, including student representative committees, specialty interest groups, outreach programs, personal interest groups, and national student organizations. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests and passions during their time here and receive great support and advisement from the Office of Student Affairs.

Wellness Representatives

Annually, students from each class are elected to serve as the Wellness Representatives, becoming the voice of their peers in promoting health and wellness initiatives at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Collaborating closely with the Office of Student Affairs, these representatives advocate for services that enhance wellness within their class. They actively participate in monthly Student Wellness Committee meetings and contribute to the planning and facilitation of the annual Wellness Retreat.

For more information regarding wellness, contact

Housing Representatives

Annually, a student is elected from each class to serve as the Housing Representative, becoming the voice of their peers on housing matters at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Collaborating closely with the Office of Student Affairs, these representatives strive to ensure a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment within our housing facilities. Their dedicated efforts contribute to fostering a positive housing atmosphere that enhances the overall academic experience of our students.

For more information regarding housing, contact

Diversity Representatives

Annually, a student from each class is elected to serve as Diversity Representatives, embodying the voice of their peers and championing diversity initiatives at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Collaborating closely with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, these representatives actively connect with their classmates, bringing attention to student needs regarding diversity. They work towards promoting an inclusive environment for all students, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding within our diverse community.

For more information regarding diversity, equity and inclusion, contact

Specialty Interest Groups

In 2020, NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine students created and established specialty interest groups, focusing prominently on the school’s primary care specialties: Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Surgery. These groups are designed to provide comprehensive educational experiences, including lectures, workshops, clinical exposure, and extracurricular activities for our medical students.

Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group is dedicated to offering educational and supportive programs for students with an interest in pursuing family medicine. Our group hosts events showcasing diverse family medicine physicians, aiming to raise awareness of the specialty and its vital role in primary care. Join us in exploring the exciting field of family medicine and connecting with like-minded peers.

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group is here to assist students aspiring to build careers in internal medicine. We foster communication across various internal medicine disciplines, offering support in residency preparation, promoting networking opportunities, and encouraging conference attendance. Committed to elevating the profile of internal medicine at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, our group aims to raise awareness about diverse paths within the field. Join us to enhance your clinical skills, academic knowledge, and explore the rewarding journey of internal medicine.

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group is committed to cultivating enthusiasm for obstetrics, gynecology, and women's health. Through panel discussions, specialty speakers, simulations, and interactive sessions with experienced physicians, we provide valuable insights into the field. Our group encourages meaningful discussions on ethical dilemmas and social justice issues related to women's health. Join us to explore and engage in the dynamic and crucial aspects of obstetrics and gynecology.

Pediatrics Interest Group

Whether you're pursuing a specialization in pediatrics or simply intrigued by working with children, the Pediatrics Interest Group is here to guide you. Our aim is to provide students with diverse perspectives on the field of pediatrics through service opportunities, mentorship programs, informative panels, and engaging discussions. Join us on this journey to explore the dynamic and rewarding aspects of pediatrics.

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group, a student-run organization, is dedicated to promoting educational opportunities in the field of surgery. Our goal is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the lifestyle, prerequisites, and unique attributes associated with this specialty. Through innovative learning opportunities, we aim to cater to both pre-clinical and clinical students, offering insights into the dynamic world of surgery. Join us as we explore the diverse facets of this impactful medical field.

Student-Led Clubs and Organizations

Explore the diverse array of student-led clubs and organizations at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique interests within our community. Immerse yourself in a broad spectrum of activities and initiatives, ranging from academic pursuits to social engagements, all aimed at cultivating connections, fostering personal growth, and nurturing a profound sense of belonging. Join us in embracing the wealth of opportunities that await you beyond the classroom, and be a part of the collaborative spirit that defines NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine.

American Muslim Medical Student Association

The American Muslim Medical Students Association seeks to create a supportive space at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine for Muslim medical students to explore the intersection between Islam and medicine. Inspired by Islam's fundamental values of excellence, service, and intellectual curiosity, our club aims to empower Muslim medical students by facilitating opportunities for spiritual growth, professional development, and community building. Beyond individual growth, our club intends to act as a community hub, uniting individuals of various backgrounds to share experiences, build mutual understanding, and contribute to cultural exchange.

Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association

The Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association (APAMSA) is an organization devoted to cultural, social, and health awareness related to the Asian-American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Our programs include volunteer opportunities with Asian populations, resources for clinical or research experiences in Asian countries, and mentorship experiences with Asian American doctors.

Our goal is to provide a platform for celebrating, sharing, and learning about the Asian American experience. We host social events that reflect the heritage of our members (Sakura Festival, Lunar New Year, etc.) and opportunities to learn about different aspects of Asian American culture through literature, movies, and videos, as well as classes on traditional medicine. We also host workshops to end Asian American stigma in healthcare and to address healthcare gaps in the Asian American community through advocacy and outreach.

Barbell Club

The Barbell Club is dedicated to cultivating an environment where students who are passionate about fitness can explore the realms of weightlifting, nutrition, and stress management. Our mission revolves around promoting safe, intelligent, and evidence-based fitness and nutrition programs, with the overarching goal of enhancing the mental and physical wellbeing of our student body. We aim to reduce barriers to entry for weightlifting, making it accessible to all who are interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle. Join us as we embark on a journey towards improved wellbeing through informed and supportive fitness practices.

Bibliophiles Anonymous

Bibliophiles Anonymous welcomes medical students to a book club that encourages critical engagement and discussions on thought-provoking books and articles, delving into topics beyond the sciences. Amid the demanding nature of medical school, it's common to lose the desire to explore materials beyond the core curriculum, and our capacity for thoughtful discussions can diminish. In this group, we strive to nurture and maintain personal interests through the enriching world of reading. Join us as we rediscover the joy of literature amidst the academic journey of medical education.

Christian Fellowship

Christian Fellowship strives to foster a warm and inclusive community at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, dedicated to exploring the intersection between Christianity and the field of medicine. Our group convenes weekly for Bible study and fellowship, encouraging the practice of theological discourse and mutual enrichment. Engaging in Bible study, local community service, and fellowship, Christian Fellowship endeavors to cultivate values that are integral to both Christianity and the practice of medicine within the NYU Langone Health community. Join us in building a supportive community that embraces the harmony between faith and healthcare.

Crafts Therapy Collective

Embark on a therapeutic journey with the Craft Therapy Collective (CTC) at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Open to all students, our club provides a dedicated space for creative expression, stress relief, and overall wellness amidst the demanding medical school environment. Through carefully curated sessions, we aim to offer a meaningful break from the rigors of academic life, fostering a supportive community that recognizes the importance of mental wellbeing for our busy medical students. Join us in exploring the healing power of art and crafting as we prioritize holistic health within our medical school community.

Culinary Club

The Culinary Club aims to create a welcoming space for students to explore cooking and baking from around the world while promoting mental wellness and connecting with peers. Our mission is to expand students’ palates and increase their knowledge and confidence in the kitchen. Through monthly meetings with rotating themes, chefs and bakers of all skill levels will add fun new recipes to their repertoire while enjoying a homemade dinner.

Developmental Medicine Club

The Developmental Medicine Club welcomes individuals intrigued by healthcare for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities, fostering discussions on general child development with a specific emphasis on the connection to primary care. Engage in volunteer opportunities with organizations like the Special Olympics, attend general meetings featuring physician lecturers, and participate in interactive discussion sessions. Our aim is to enhance students' education on developmental milestones, differences, and disabilities, emphasizing their relevance to primary care practices. Join us in exploring the vital intersection between developmental medicine and primary care within the healthcare landscape.

Emergency Medicine in Primary Care Club

The Emergency Medicine in Primary Care Club is dedicated to linking medical students with emergency medicine residents, physicians, and researchers, offering a unique educational opportunity for primary care-oriented students. Through engaging seminars, workshops, and research opportunities, as well as shadowing and mentorship programs, our club aims to instill the principles and values of emergency medicine care in a way that enhances the understanding and appreciation of its relevance to primary care. Join us in exploring the dynamic intersection between emergency medicine and primary care within the medical field.

Endurance Club

The Endurance Club at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine invites individuals of all running experience levels, from novices to seasoned marathoners. Our inclusive club welcomes everyone, whether you're a competitive racer, a person who prefers casual runs with friends, or someone who is just embarking on your running journey. The Endurance Club offers a platform for students to connect, unwind, stay active, and discover a supportive community beyond the confines of the classroom. Join us for a shared passion for running and a chance to foster meaningful connections.

Envisions Scholars Academy

The Envision Scholars Academy is designed for underrepresented high school and college students, aiming to enhance the diversity of the physician workforce through early exposure to the field of medicine. Our program involves direct mentorship by NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine students, alongside professional development sessions and clinical learning experiences in healthcare. Through this initiative, we aspire to foster a supportive community that provides guidance and assistance for students interested in pursuing careers in healthcare. Join us in building a pathway toward a more diverse and inclusive future in the medical profession.

Etcetera Magazine

Etcetera Magazine serves as a platform created by and for students at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, offering a space for artistic expression and voices to share experiences within and beyond medical school. We welcome submissions encompassing fiction, opinion pieces, poetry, and visual art, providing a diverse outlet for the creative expressions of our student community. Join us in cultivating a space where individual narratives and artistic endeavors flourish.

Gaming Club

The Gaming Club at the Grossman Long Island School of Medicine welcomes students who have a passion for video games, table-top RPGs, board games, and more. Our club organizes diverse meet-ups featuring a variety of games, ranging from Super Smash Brothers and Werewolf to Dungeons & Dragons and Mario Party. Whether you're into competitive gaming or casual play, all gaming enthusiasts are invited to join our inclusive community.

Intramural Sports Club

Explore the thrill of friendly competition and sportsmanship with the Intramural Sports Club at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Our vibrant club offers a diverse range of sports, from soccer and kickball to volleyball and beyond. Engage in spirited matchups as students and hospital residents come together for enjoyable competitions. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or trying a new sport for the first time, our club provides a dynamic space to stay active, build connections, and foster a sense of community within our medical school. Join us for the joy of sports and friendly competition that goes beyond the classroom.

Jewish Medical Student Association

The Jewish Medical Student Association at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine extends a warm welcome to students of all backgrounds. Our commitment is to create a space where members of the medical school community can come together to explore and appreciate Jewish culture. From engaging challah-baking workshops to informative lectures, Shabbat dinners, Sukkot meals, and more, our group organizes diverse Jewish events. Join us for a meaningful journey of cultural exchange, connection, and celebration within our vibrant medical school community.

Latin Medical Student Association

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine's chapter of the Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) is an integral part of the national LMSA network. Committed to fostering community engagement and enhancing health outcomes, we aim to educate, mentor, and empower future physicians within our school. Join us in our dedication to making a positive impact on the local Latin community and contributing to the advancement of healthcare equity.

LGBTQ+ Medical Student Association

Discover the LGBTQ+ Medical Student Association, a dynamic organization with dual missions at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Our primary goal is to establish a safe and inclusive space for LGBTQ+ students, fostering a supportive community. Additionally, we strive to enhance awareness and understanding of LGBTQ+ issues in healthcare among both students and faculty through diverse programming.

This club extends a warm welcome to all individuals passionate about advocating for health equity for LGBTQ+ individuals, irrespective of sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Join us in creating a community that values inclusivity, education, and a shared commitment to advancing healthcare equality.

Magic Aid Club

Experience the enchantment of the Magic Aid Club, a bimonthly volunteer program tailored for members of NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine. Join us in bringing joy to the inpatient pediatric ward through captivating magic performances and engaging teaching sessions. Become a part of a community dedicated to spreading magic, wonder, and smiles to brighten the days of young patients in need.

Medical Ethics Society

The Medical Ethics Society explores ethical dilemmas in medicine and public health. We assist students in voicing their thoughts and defending their reasoning through case-based study and ethical formulation. We encourage students to hone their decision-making skills by pushing past initial impressions and utilizing ethics-based reasoning to defend their position on real cases that impact physicians in the modern world.

Medical Mandarin Club

The Medical Mandarin Club is dedicated to equipping students with the ability to communicate essential medical terms (organs, diseases, etc.) to Mandarin-speaking patients. Our aim extends to enhancing participants' proficiency in speaking Mandarin in both casual and professional settings, fostering cultural understanding, and increasing the likelihood that clinicians will incorporate Mandarin in future patient care interactions. Join us in this initiative to bridge language gaps and promote cultural competence within healthcare.

Medical Spanish Club

The Medical Spanish Club provides students with a platform to hone their Spanish-speaking skills in a relaxed setting, fostering an environment for newcomers to develop basic conversational abilities. Our goal is to facilitate discussions and learning on the Spanish language and culture within the context of healthcare. The curriculum, designed in three parts, encompasses independent study with prepared materials, peer-to-peer simulations of patient encounters in Spanish, and presentations from Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals. Join us in this immersive experience aimed at enhancing language proficiency and cultural awareness among future healthcare professionals.

Medical Students for Choice

Medical Students for Choice was founded to address the deficit of abortion education in medical training. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive the full range of reproductive healthcare choices. Medical Students for Choice organizes students to broaden opportunities for their fellow students to receive family planning and reproductive health education and informs students about the current issues surrounding women's health and access to care. This includes hands-on training workshops, panel discussions and talks, educational videos, and scholarship opportunities for reproductive health externships.

Medicine in Media

Medicine in Media is a club dedicated to examining how facets of medicine are depicted in popular culture and social media. Our events primarily focus on film and TV viewings followed by informal discussions around depicted medical issues and healthcare workers. We also seek to promote a dialogue about the role of medical professionals in social media in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and how our expertise/lifestyle can be shared in an ethical and professional manner. We hope to amplify future events by collaborating with other organizations within NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine and physicians with social media presence to achieve these goals.

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island WiSH Clinic

The NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island Student Health (WiSH) Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that serves adults who do not have health insurance. We provide comprehensive primary care and referrals to specialists as needed. We also organize community events such as blood pressure clinics and vaccine clinics.

Our mission is to provide respectful, quality, free healthcare for underserved populations based on the philosophy that medical care should be humanistic and empower patients. We treat all of our patients with compassion and empathy and help them take charge of their lives to achieve health and wellbeing.

As volunteers at the clinic, NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine students interview and examine patients, provide education and community resources, and work with patients to set goals and form a health plan. Healthcare professionals work alongside students to guide and provide constructive input so that students develop the skills and disposition necessary to become model physicians.

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine Asylum Clinic

NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine Asylum Clinic is a medical student–run organization that takes a global approach to health equity by providing clinical evaluations for asylum seekers in the Long Island area and raising awareness of issues impacting refugee/migrant populations.

Path 4 Primary Care

Path 4 Primary Care caters to students eager to delve into pathology while emphasizing its relevance to primary care. Engage with members of the pathology department, exploring unique cases and discussing intriguing topics that bridge pathology and primary care. This platform is ideal for students seeking exposure to pathology or desiring additional preparation for board exams, connecting the dots between pathology and its significance in primary care practice. Join us in the journey of understanding how pathology intersects with and enriches the landscape of primary care.

Rads is Rad

Rads is Rad, a student-led radiology organization, delves into diagnostic imaging topics relevant to primary care. As a critical tool across medical specialties, radiology aids primary care physicians in investigating underlying pathology. Through presentations, workshops, and interdisciplinary collaboration, we create a space for students to explore anatomy, imaging modalities, and emerging treatments like interventional radiology. Don't miss our biweekly newsletter, "The Reading Room," offering quiz-based teaching exercises to review imaging and treatment of both unique and common pathologies. Join us in unraveling the world of diagnostic imaging.

Sports Medicine Club

The Sports Medicine Club delves into the intersection of primary care, sports medicine, and orthopedic surgery. Sports medicine pathologies often require the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of physicians including pediatricians, internists, and orthopedists and are a hallmark of doctors’ visits in the field of primary care. Through case-based presentations, a biweekly newsletter, and collaboration with NYU Langone Hospital, the Sports Medicine Club offers valuable opportunities to explore and engage with the dynamic field of sports medicine. Join us in discovering the crucial role of primary care in addressing sports-related health challenges.

Socially Responsible Surgery Committee

The Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS) Committee at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine recognizes the importance of social responsibility within surgical practice and its role in global health. Committed to these principles, the committee seeks to identify opportunities for leadership, research, and collaboration. Our aim is to contribute to the training of surgeons with a global perspective, dedicated to achieving surgical equity. Join us in fostering a community that values social responsibility as an integral part of surgical practice and advocates for equitable healthcare worldwide.

Students for a National Health Program

Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) is the student branch of the national organization Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), an organization that advocates for universal, comprehensive single-payer national health insurance. Even though we are centered on single-payer healthcare, we also invite conversations on other issues in healthcare.

Students Interested in Psychiatry Club

The Students Interested in Psychiatry Club (SIP) welcomes all individuals passionate about psychiatry and mental health, with a unique focus on its connection to primary care. Our goal is to link students with practicing psychiatrists, providing insights into careers in psychiatry and fostering connections with psychiatry residents from various programs. In addition, SIP aims to facilitate ongoing formal and informal discussions about current and intriguing topics in mental health, emphasizing the intersection of psychiatry with primary care. Join us in exploring the dynamic relationship between mental health and primary care practice.

Student National Medical Association

Since its inception in 1964, the Student National Medical Association (SNMA) has been a cornerstone for fostering a close-knit community among black and underrepresented minority medical students. Here at NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine, our commitment is to create an environment where students not only learn but also draw inspiration from shared experiences. Through our events, we strive to shed light on disparities within the medical community and equip our members with the tools and resources to address them. Join us in this journey of shared experiences, advocacy, and community building within the unique context of our medical school.

Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students Program

Engage with Sun Protection Outreach Teaching by Students (SPOTS), a community outreach initiative dedicated to empowering students with knowledge on early detection and prevention of skin cancer. At our school, medical students actively participate in visiting local schools, delivering crucial lessons on self-skin exams and fostering safe sun protection habits. This hands-on experience allows our medical students to practice patient education and contribute to diverse and vulnerable communities.

Through SPOTS, we aspire to educate children and teenagers about the significance of sun protection, instilling awareness and promoting preventive measures against skin cancer. Join us in making a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of our community by spreading the message of sun safety.

The Ultrasounds Music Club

The Ultrasounds, initially established as an all-inclusive music club for medical students, faculty, and staff, evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our members united virtually, creating musical pieces to share with the community. As we transitioned back to in-person learning, the Ultrasounds Music Club has flourished. Now, beyond singing and playing instruments, we embrace a diverse range of art forms, including dance, painting, spoken word, and poetry. Join us in this vibrant artistic community that celebrates creativity and expression in various forms.