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Resources for Current MD Students Clubs & Activities for MD Students

Clubs & Activities for MD Students

Students at NYU Long Island School of Medicine organize and maintain a number of clubs and activities, including specialty interest groups, that offer lectures, workshops, clinical experiences, and extracurricular activities to enhance their educational experience. Participation helps students become more knowledgeable about particular specialties and make decisions about potential career directions.

NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island WiSH Clinic

The NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island (formerly Winthrop Hospital) Student Health (WiSH) Clinic is a student-run primary care clinic that serves adults who do not have health insurance. We provide comprehensive primary care and referrals to specialists as needed. We also organize community events such as blood pressure clinics and vaccine clinics.

Our mission is to provide respectful, quality, free healthcare for underserved populations based on the philosophy that medical care should be humanistic and empower patients. We treat all of our patients with compassion and empathy and help them take charge of their lives to achieve health and wellbeing.

As volunteers at the clinic, NYU Long Island School of Medicine students interview and examine patients, provide education and community resources, and work with patients to set goals and form a health plan. Healthcare professionals work alongside students to guide and provide constructive input so that students develop the skills and disposition necessary to become model physicians.

For more information, contact Eric Burdge at

Student Engagement Committee for Admissions

Students who wish to help the Office of Admissions at NYU Long Island School of Medicine develop and implement programs designed to recruit exceptional medical students to our MD Degree program can apply to join the Student Engagement Committee for Admissions.

For more information, contact Megan Bader at

Bibliophiles Anonymous

Bibliophiles Anonymous is a book club for medical students who wish to critically engage with and discuss thought-evoking books and articles on topics beyond the sciences. Amidst the daily rigors of medical school, it is easy to lose the desire to interact with other materials and our capacity for dialectics can become diminished. In this group, we hope to maintain our personal interests through the wonders of reading.

For more information, contact Shekinah Dosunmu at or Adam Khayat at

Envisions Scholars Program

The Envision Scholars Program for underrepresented high school and college students seeks to increase the diversity of the physician workforce by offering those in our community early exposure to the field of medicine. Envision Scholars are mentored directly by NYU Long Island School of Medicine students. We also offer professional development sessions and healthcare related clinical learning. We hope to create a community of support and assistance for students who are interested in healthcare fields.

For more information, contact Priyanka Anisetti at, Shekinah Dosunma at, Liane Emerson at, or Harper Robinson at

Magic Aid Club

The Magic Aid Club is a bimonthly volunteer program for members of NYU Long Island School of Medicine to perform and teach magic tricks on the inpatient pediatric ward.

For more information, please contact Megan Bader at or Harper Robinson at

Social Media Liaisons

NYU Long Island School of Medicine social media liaisons collaborate on innovative and interesting posts for Twitter and Instagram to give the school a more prominent social media presence. In addition, the liaisons coordinate different social media pages in order to create an active network online for members of our community. Through engagement on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, we hope to attract more prospective students and engage members of our community in important discussion.

To learn more, contact Priyanka Anisetti at or Shekinah Dosunmu at

The Ultrasounds Music Club

The Ultrasounds is an all-inclusive music club for medical students, faculty, and staff members. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our members have recorded performances and videos to showcase virtually. We welcome all types of musicians and dancers.

To learn more, contact Selin Ocal at or Annie Lien at

Family Medicine Interest Group

The Family Medicine Interest Group aims to provide educational and supportive programs and experiences for students interested in practicing family medicine. We hold events that highlight diverse family medicine physicians and increase awareness of the specialty and its important role in primary care.

For more information, contact Nabilah Nishat at or Thoasin Bari at

Internal Medicine Interest Group

The Internal Medicine Interest Group supports students who are pursuing careers in internal medicine and facilitates communication across internal medicine disciplines. We help with residency preparation, encourage networking and conference attendance, and promote the profession of internal medicine to NYU Long Island School of Medicine students. Our goal is to raise awareness about paths available to internal medicine physicians and help students develop both clinical skills and academic knowledge.

For more information contact Julia Ramadhar at or Maxwell Oberlander at

Medical Ethics Society

The Medical Ethics Society explores ethical dilemmas in medicine and public health. We assist students in voicing their thoughts and defending their reasoning through case-based study and ethical formulation. We encourage students to hone their decision-making skills by pushing past initial impressions and utilizing ethics-based reasoning to defend their position on real cases that impact physicians in the modern world.

For more information, contact Sean Jordan at or Erin Miller at

Medical Spanish Club

The Medical Spanish Club was created to give students the opportunity to practice their Spanish-speaking abilities in a low-stress environment and allow those new to the language to develop basic conversational skills. Our aim is to facilitate conversation and learning about Spanish language and culture for healthcare professionals. The three-part design of our curriculum involves independent study with prepared study materials, peer-to-peer simulation of patient encounters in Spanish, and presentations from Spanish-speaking healthcare professionals.

For more information about the Medical Spanish Club, contact Kenneth Meserole at or Santiago Luis at

Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group

The Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group is dedicated to fostering an interest in obstetrics and gynecology and women’s health. We host panel discussions, specialty speakers, and simulations, as well as training sessions and opportunities to interact with physicians in the field. We also engage students in meaningful discussions about ethical dilemmas and social justice in women’s health.

For more information, contact Anna Jaysing at or Dajana Alku at

Pediatrics Interest Group

Whether you are on track to specialize in pediatrics or are just interested in working with children, the Pediatrics Interest Group hopes to help students explore the field of pediatrics from a variety of perspectives through service, mentorship, panels, and discussions.

For more information about the Pediatrics Interest Group, contact Arianny Martinez-Beltran at or Joyce Mei at

Students for a National Health Program

Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) is the student branch of the national organization Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP), an organization that advocates for universal, comprehensive single-payer national health insurance. Even though we are centered on single-payer healthcare, we also invite conversations on other issues in healthcare.

For more information about how to get involved with SNaHP at NYU Long Island School of Medicine, contact Nabilah Nishat at or Selin Ocal at

Surgery Interest Group

The Surgery Interest Group is a student-run organization that promotes educational opportunities related to surgery. We hope to offer students a more nuanced understanding of the lifestyle, prerequisites, and other attributes associated with the specialty. Our approach involves creating innovative learning opportunities for both pre-clinical and clinical students alike.

For more information, contact Haarika Chalasani at or Kenneth Meserole at

Women’s Health Education Alliance

The Women’s Health Education Alliance develops and executes education initiatives geared toward both patients and providers that tackle women’s health issues related to misinformation, access to care, and health outcome disparities. By engaging both sides of the health equation, we aim to improve access and quality of care in a way that focusing solely on one side would not.

Our current patient education initiative aims to raise awareness among college freshmen about contraception options and access. Our provider education initiative seeks to improve understanding of the intersectional patient experience.

For more information, contact Anna Jaysing at or Thoasin Bari at

Wellness Representatives

Each year, students from each class are elected to be the voice of their peers and promote health and wellness initiatives. Wellness representatives work closely with the Office of Students and Diversity to advocate for services that foster wellness among the class, participate in monthly Student Wellness Committee meetings, and assist in the planning and facilitation of the annual Wellness Retreat.

For more information, contact the current wellness representatives, Mittal Rana at, Eric Burdge at, or Thoasin Bari at