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Office of Students & Diversity

NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s Office of Students and Diversity supports individual and professional development initiatives that create an inclusive community for medical students. We develop and implement programs, policies, and services that promote self-awareness, resilience, and wellbeing and create a learning environment where students witness, experience, and expect a sense of respect, collegiality, kindness, and cooperation.

Our mission is to foster excellence, compassion, and integrity at NYU Long Island School of Medicine with proactive advising and career counseling for all MD Students.

Envision Scholars Program

Our Envision Scholars Program seeks to increase the diversity of the physician workforce by offering underrepresented high school and college students from our community early exposure to the field of medicine.

High school and college students participate in hands-on workshops with NYU Long Island School of Medicine medical students, residents, and attending physicians at NYU Winthrop Hospital to learn more about a wide range of medical disciplines with a focus on primary care specialties.

During each session, groups are encouraged to participate in hands-on clinical learning and conversations about achieving career success. All participants gain career advancement skills that include how to write a personal statement and develop a resume, mock job interviews, and business etiquette.

The monthly workshop is available each academic year to high school and college students in their sophomore through senior years.

Diversity Mentor Program

We offer diversity-matched mentoring for new medical students with resident physicians and faculty members who share the same gender, race or ethnicity, or LGBTQ+ status as you, upon request.

Implicit Bias Training

All incoming students, faculty, and staff receive implicit bias training. The program helps participants identify unconscious biases, challenge automatic patterns of thinking, and learn skills to eliminate discriminatory behaviors.

Our Team

Nicholas Berbari, MD, FACP, Associate Dean, Students and Diversity

Diana Badillo, MD, MPH, Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion

Marisol Bazile, Manager, Students and Diversity

Clare Yetman, Program Coordinator

Andrea Zarcone, MS, Project Coordinator

Contact Us

The Office of Students and Diversity is located at NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s Research and Academic Center at 101 Mineola Boulevard in room 2-089. For questions about paracurricular and extracurricular activities, student life, housing, and other resources available to students, contact us at 516-240-7230 or at