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MD Advising

Access the guidance and support you need to achieve your academic and career goals.

NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s Office of Students and Diversity offers a wide range of advising services to help students succeed academically and become compassionate, culturally mindful primary care physicians.

Mentoring for MD Students

All students are assigned an academic coach and a specialty advisor throughout our three-year curriculum. You meet regularly with your academic coach to assess your performance, identify areas where you may need help, and plan strategies to achieve your goals.

Your specialty advisor provides career advice, guides you on choosing electives, and assists you during your residency application process. If you receive early acceptance into a residency training program, your advisor helps you develop relationships with clinical instructors and fellow residents in the department where you will be training.

We also offer role-matched mentoring upon request with resident physicians or faculty members who share the same gender, race or ethnicity, or LGBTQ+ status as you.

Types of Mentors for MD Students

Tutoring for MD Students

If you experience academic difficulties or require help developing particular clinical skills, your faculty mentor works with you to develop a performance improvement plan. He or she can assist you with accessing tutoring services and arranging appropriate training sessions at NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island Simulation Center.

Your mentor can also connect you with learning specialists who provide assistance with test taking, managing test anxiety, and developing organizational skills to stay on track.

Workshops for MD Students

A series of workshops takes place each fall to help new students develop the skills necessary to achieve academic success. Topics include time management, learning styles, effective study habits, test-taking skills, and more.

As you progress through your medical education, you participate in additional workshops that help you prepare for your clinical clerkships and the residency application, matching, and transition process.

We also host career nights and discussions about life as a physician in different primary care specialties and other medical disciplines.

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