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MD Registration & Student Records MD Student Lotteries

MD Student Lotteries

The phase one stage of NYU Grossman Long Island School of Medicine’s MD curriculum covers the standard, foundational knowledge and skills necessary to advance to the next stage in training. Personalized training options in subsequent stages are provided through elective courses, clerkships, and advanced rotations. Phase two clerkships, phase three advanced clinical rotations, and electives for all phases are assigned using a lottery system that we believe is the fairest way to allocate the clinical training opportunities offered.

Lottery timing differs for clerkships, electives, critical care clerkships, and advanced subinternships. The Office of Registration and Student Records coordinates the lottery process. The schedules below show when lotteries take place for corresponding coursework.

Lottery Schedule

Lottery Type Timing of Lottery Duration of Course
Phase 1 Elective March of Phase 1 Year April of Phase 1
Phase 2 Clerkship Track April/May of Phase 1 Year All Year
Phase 2 Elective July of Phase 2 Year All Year
Phase 3 Advanced Clinical Rotation March of Phase 2 Year All Year
Phase 3 Elective April of Phase 2 Year All Year

Phase Two Clerkship Track Lottery

The phase two clerkship training year of the MD curriculum requires successful completion of one two-week elective and the following core clerkships:

  • internal medicine (eight weeks)
  • general surgery (six weeks)
  • neurology (four weeks)
  • obstetrics and gynecology (six weeks)
  • pediatrics (six weeks)
  • primary care (four weeks)
  • psychiatry (six weeks)
  • anesthesia and pain management (two weeks)

Clinical rotations are organized into clerkship blocks, which are then grouped into four different configurations that make up the clerkship tracks. Clerkship tracks may change annually and are determined at the beginning of each academic year.

Scheduling Phase Two Clerkships

Clerkship palettes are assigned using an online lottery that runs in April of your phase one training. Clerkship track options are ranked in order of preference; there are six places available for each. Your track does not change throughout the year. Students meet with academic coaches and advisors in April to discuss specialty plans and seek advice and guidance.

Phase Three Advanced Clinical Rotation Lottery

The phase three MD curriculum includes mandatory satisfactory completion of the following rotations:

  • an emergency medicine clerkship
  • a critical care clerkship (medical, surgical, pediatric, or neonatal)
  • a subinternship in advanced medicine, advanced surgery, advanced obstetrics and gynecology, or advanced pediatrics

Critical care clerks participate in daily teaching rounds that provide hands-on experience with critically ill patients. Advanced subinterns take on additional clinical responsibilities beyond the core clerkships. These experiences foster readiness for residency training. Emergency medicine clerks receive a comprehensive introduction to adult and pediatric emergency medicine.

Scheduling Phase Three Clerkships and Advanced Subinternships

Phase three clerkships and advanced subinternships are scheduled using an online lottery form. Preferred dates for each rotation are ranked in order of preference and are assigned based on randomly generated student lottery numbers and availability.