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Division of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery

Surgeons in the Division of Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, part of NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery, specialize in the management of all levels of orthopedic trauma, ranging from simple fractures to high-speed, high-energy injuries involving multiple extremities.

As part of NYU Langone Hospital—Long Island, an American College of Surgeons–accredited Level 1 Trauma Center, we are equipped to manage the most severe extremity, pelvic, and spine injuries. Our specialties include treatment of fractures of the pelvis and acetabulum, periarticular fractures, and all fractures of both the upper and lower extremities, in many cases using minimally invasive techniques. Our expertise also includes the management of late complications of fractures including nonunions, malunions, post-traumatic infections, and post-traumatic arthritis.

Our division has also developed one of the first Fragility Fracture Services in the country. This integrated team of orthopedists, medicine subspecialists, and care coordinators ensures comprehensive fracture and bone healthcare for older patients who experience osteoporosis-related fractures. Not only does the team treat acute injury, but it also manages workup and individualized medical therapy for osteoporosis and osteopenia to prevent subsequent fractures.

Medical students wishing to explore orthopedic surgery may enroll in electives with our division as part of NYU Long Island School of Medicine’s MD curriculum. We also offer an opportunity for interested visiting medical students to participate in an orthopedic surgery away rotation.